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In partnership with Multi award-winning “The Way of the Horse” Discovery Centre.

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12 weeks of expert healing, starting with our FREE WEBINAR!

Our masterclass will take you on a journey of discovery to understanding all the tools that nature has given you, but that you may not have the road map for. Our ‘Healing your Trauma Course’ will help you heal your past wounds and move forwards into the life you deserve and desire. 
Now is the time to stop surviving and start thriving!
We remain by your side as your guide whilst you embark on your own journey of self-discovery.
Learning how your body is a time line for your life and how trauma can affect you later on in life even when you may not expect it. Development of somatic awareness and healing. Techniques for managing your own experiences of stress and anxiety giving you the tools to cope with any bumps in the road. Creation of a route to your own self confidence, resilience and purpose.

What You Will Experience On Your Journey:

  • Access healing from highly skilled facilitators for 12 weeks! 
  • ​Gain over 24 hours support on your journey.
  • Discover effective methods of trauma healing.
  • ​Receive knowledge of healing tools which offer routes to trauma recovery where tradition pathways of medication and therapy may have failed.
  • ​Transform your life by developing resilience, confidence and purpose.
  • ​Feel supported throughout your healing and journey of self discovery.
  • ​Learn to thrive and not just survive.
  • Move forward into the life your want and deserve.
  • Become more aligned with your authentic self and true life purpose